Posted By Mike
Steam vs Electric Trains

Some folk romanticise the age for steam and steam locos. However, there are so many merits of using electric locomotives to benefit society as well as the environment itself. Ideas such as eco-friendliness, cheap and amazing speed, there is indeed no doubt that electric locomotives offer a lot of economies of scale to our current and future economic pillar. In this article, I intend to share a thorough brief of the reasons I prefer electric locomotives to steam ones.

Amazing Speed

Electric locomotives have the advantage of using electronic magnets which come from a massive power supply either within the station or from another reliable supplier. The number of magnetic electrons that powers motors on electric trains are fast enough to take you from one city to the other within minutes. Ideal speed and efficiency can increase your level of productivity in various fields of life say like work and school. If you are in between the two and happen to reside a long way from either of them, it is time to consider using electric locomotives to get you there.


It is without a doubt that when the source of power for electric trains get in comparison with other types of locomotives, it emerges that while the others pollute the environment at extreme rates, electric trains offer zero threat. As great as it may sound, all this can have a proof by because according to environmental expert Dr Grey of the Journal of Environmental Impacts of Steam Power, the fossil fuels that burning steam materials causes an increase in the release of carbon iv oxide gas which is toxic to the environment.


There is no doubt that electric locomotives offer a high level of suitability which can surely come in handy in this 21st century. Reliable sources of research prove that these trains are 90% effective in the provision of their services across the board. Think about the fact that you can attend an impromptu crisis meeting several miles away from where you stay or maybe you slept in, and you are late for a very important interview. The best option would be an electric train as it is not only fast but also relatively cheap.


Another reason I prefer electric locomotives is that they are easy to access and pocket-friendly to top it all. In all settings, keeping the consumers at a comfortable place in the association will give you an upper hand over your competitors. The current society has too much hustle creating the impression that spending an extra dollar in some of the most fundamental rights and freedoms of human beings is outrageous. Ever since the founding of electric trains, travellers keep increasing by the passage of every second. There are so many benefits that electric trains have over the other locomotives, and it all depends on your perspective.