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Great Train Rides in the World

  • Rovos Rail: Location, South Africa

At the mention of Africa, the first thing that crosses your mind is the amazing range of memorable experiences that you stand a chance of enjoying when you decide to visit this ride. The Rovos Rail is one of the famous rides in the history of all time. It has a two-week tour that touches most parts of Africa at such an affordable rate running all through the day and the week.

  • Glacier Express: Location, Switzerland

Another breathtaking the ride is the Glacier Express which passes between snow mountains right from St. Moritz up to the Alps. Without a doubt, if you are a great traveler and adventurer, the sight of snow is enough to give you amazing ideas of having traveled some of the most beautiful places in the world. It is over 2200 meters creating the idea that in the whole of Switzerland, this wins ass one among the longest rides ever. The good thing about this train is that it only moves for a maximum of seven hours but which turn out to be the most amazing moments you ever had to travel by train.

  • The Jacobite: Location, Scotland

Last month marked the first moon for the official operation of the Jacobite. It has an origination destiny of traveling an average of 67 kilometers from Fort Williams down the waters of Loch Nevis. What one may forget to notice is that this train runs from the highest point in Europe to the deepest point as well. Through this experience, there is no arguing that it is indeed one of the best train rides across the whole globe.

  • The Ghan: Location: Australia

The best thing about this ride is the location itself. Australia is one of the most amazing places in the whole world courtesy of its tropical rainforest climatic conditions. In this ride, which comes from Adelaide and races up to Darwin, you are sure to get the most outback experience. The typical harmless wild animals like kangaroos and camels alongside gazelles are some of the constituents of appealing features that will grab your attention all through the journey. The fact on file that it is over 3000 meters makes it even crazy for a road trip with family and friends.

  • The Hiram Bingham Orient Express: Location, Peru

It is crucial to understand that this ride obtains its name from its founder by the name Hiram who made a discovery in 1911 regarding the lost city of Incan. Most travelers would like to visit this place and have first time experience of what it feels like to be part of history. The city is an ancient town which goes down to meaning that people from all over the world usually come around to visit with the hope of creating some of the best train traveling memories.